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I remember as a child I had a teacher that would read some of the classics to us kids during our homeroom class. We would listen attentively and hang on her every word. She was one of my favorite teachers. Why? Because she took the time to know each one of us by name, and she spent hours reading and helping develop a love of reading and classic books.

Teachers are some of the lowest paid and yet, some of the most important. Our teachers care for our kids and help to shape and mold our precious ones. They work hours and hours teaching and grading papers, dealing with unhappy kids, and finding new ways to hold our kids’ attention and help them find their desire to learn and grow.

The end of the year is a great time to show your appreciate to your children’s teachers, by showering them with a heart felt gift. Whether it be handmade, kid-made, food or a purchased gift. They will be sure to cherish whatever you and your kids decide.

The Best Kid-made Gift Ideas for Teachers

Calming Lavender Lotion Bars

These calming lavender lotion bars are quick (quick!) to make and so super easy. Plus they are amazing. Soothing, not greasy, and just the right consistency.
Just the way DIY lotion bars should be.

-How Wee Learn

Tissue Paper Votive Holder

Kids can help make this tissue paper votive holder! It is a beautiful (and functional!) crafty decoration and it also makes a great gift!


How to Make Scented Bath Salts

Making homemade scented bath salts is really easy. Assemble the ingredients and it will take you just a few minutes to make several of these. These scented bath salts can be used in both baths and foot baths. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

-Rhythms of Play

Plant a Rainbow

Why not give your teacher a Rainbow to plant in her garden and enjoy throughout the summer? These cute little paper seed balls are fun to make for kids and aren’t too messy for Moms.

Crayon Candy Dish

We think this Crayon Candy Dish Teacher Gift turned out very cute and they weren’t that hard to make either. The Crayon Candy Dish Teacher Gift will look so much prettier if you use brand new crayons.  We needed 38 crayons to cover our jar.

-Two Sisters

The Best Mom-made Gift Ideas for Teachers

Super Cute DIY End of the Year Teacher Gift

These are so easy to grow and once you make a few arrangements at home, you can take clippings to make new arrangements that will continue to bloom.

-Tiny Oranges

Two Toned Tote + Tutorial

Do you enjoy sewing? Why not make this gorgeous tote for your child’s teacher? It can be a unique and useful gift they will cherish. The complete directions (with pictures) is here and you don’t need to be an advanced seamstress either.

Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary

These are very easy to create and the results are so visually stunning that I could stare at them for hours. I’m also all about color. I love a craft project that’s studded with several different colors from all over the rainbow.

-Crafts by Amanda

Heart Scribble Mug

These DIY heart scribble mugs are easy enough for toddlers or preschoolers to make, (although I’m sure older kids would love making them too!) They would make great gifts.

-Messy Little Monster

Cheap Thank You Gifts

While at the Dollar Tree, I picked up plain white plates for a $1. I took acrylic paint to school and fingerprinted everyone of my students. I numbered their fingerprints with pencil and wrote their names on a piece of paper so I would know whose print belonged to who. When I got home, I took paint pens and added names, details, polka dots, etc. I baked the plate for 30 minutes at 350*. Please note: I stuck the plate in the cold oven, set it at 350*, and started the 30-minute timer once the oven had preheated. 

-Messy Little Monster


This is the time of year when I am needing quick and easy gift ideas to simplify the end-of-year rush. Today I’m sharing one of the little gifts my son will be giving to his teachers this year: personalized calculators with a fun “equation” printable gift tag to package them in a special way. Hopefully these with help to make the task of calculating all of those end-of-the-year report card grades a little less mundane!

-Positively Splendid

Homemade Teacher Gift How to make a Crayon Monogram

My sister and I worked very hard to cut and glue all of the crayons onto white paper.  I didn’t get any pictures of the process. (Sorry about that.)  I think I can still walk you through it!

-Confidence Meets Parenting

Pringles box pencil

We made this huge pencil for the end of year gift for my daughter’s teacher. This recycled pencil is made from a pringles box. The inspiration for this project is from Glue Sticks and Tape. The tutorial called for circle cutter, paper crimper which we do not have. So we modified the procedure but the pencil turned out good.

-Sparkling Buds

You’ve Blown my Mind Teacher Appreciation Gift

These adorable and unique jars are sure to hit any teachers sweet tooth and get a little laugh out of them.

The Best Purchased Gift Ideas

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Flair Pens are one of the top appreciated gifts according to one teacher. (Huffpost)

Nest Designs Gold And Watercolor Thank You Cards for Thank You Notes

Handwritten notes from the kids would be a very appreciated gift as well. Maybe add some extra blank cards like these in your gift as well as a gift card to Starbucks or another favorite coffee shop.

Starbucks Gift Cards

Everyone loves some Starbucks. And teachers could use some extra coffee. Give them a gift card.

The Gratitude Journal for Women: Find Happiness and Peace in 5 Minutes a Day

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can have a long-lasting effect on our level of happiness. Fostering this positive perspective, The Gratitude Journal for Women offers an inspirational, easy-to-use journal for women who want to record their thoughts of gratitude in only five minutes a day. With thought-provoking quotes and prompts that make us reflect on the events of our day-to-day lives, The Gratitude Journal for Women provides the space, time, and direction necessary for reflection.

burton+BURTON I’m a Teacher Superpower Mug – 18 Oz

All teachers at Super Heros, the end of the year is the best time to remind them and anyone they meet with this cute mug.

Willow Tree Lots of Love, sculpted hand-painted figure

  • This figure communicates through gesture, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. Willow Tree sculptures express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope: emotions of a life well lived.

It Takes A Big Heart To Shape Little Minds  Key chain

All items are handmade in our home studio. Adorable key chains to thank your teacher.

Teacher Peach Utility Teacher Handbag – Jute Tote Bag with Leather Handle & Zipper Closure 

PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR TEACHERS this beautifully designed teacher bag with motivational messaging is amazingly versatile working as an eco-friendly present.

A Letter to My Teacher Hardcover 

This funny, touching picture book–the perfect gift for a child to give to their own teacher–celebrates the difference a good teacher can make. Written as a thank-you note to a special teacher from the student who never forgot her, this moving story makes a great read-aloud and a perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Day 

What If There Were No Teachers?: A Gift Book for Teachers and Those Who Wish to Celebrate Them

Everyone knows that teachers are overworked and underpaid. Too often even the students they teach don’t understand the effort that is put into each class period. What If There Were No Teachers? uses illustrations on the order of Norman Rockwell to let teachers everywhere know that we couldn’t live without them. 

Infinity Collection Teacher Bracelet, Teacher Jewelry, Teacher Gift – Teach Little Minds Bracelet- Show Your Teacher Appreciation, for Teachers

Teacher Charm Bracelet Make the Perfect Gift for Teachers, Student Teachers or Just Because
What better way to show your teacher appreciation than with a unique teacher bracelet.

Amazon Gift Card Holder Printable

Amazon gift card is always an awesome gift choice in my eyes. (Free one-day shipping on Amazon gift cards too!) I spent hours figuring out how to make whipped up this gift card holder printable to give to my child’s teacher and I’m sharing it here so you can use it too if you want!

-Fabulously Frugal


I’m sure you have heard of Himalayan Salt Lamps by now. But, maybe you don’t know what they are? Mom’s Life Happy Life will tell you everything you need to know about these wonderful healthy decoration pieces. What a great way to show your thankfulness for all the hours your teachers worked by helping them stay healthy.


This fun red themed gift basket is great for many occasions and it’s fun to put together. Tell your friend to have a RED-iculously… the teacher at the end of the year, whatever you need! Free printable tag included.

-Crazy Little Projects


Okay, friends, we have a fun, simple, versatile, and inexpensive gift idea for you today!  We know it’s hard to come up with fun and creative gifts in the middle of everything else you have going, so we are here to help!  Check out this Berry Gift Idea for friends. It works for any occasion and seriously couldn’t be simpler!  We did this one for under $10!!  Do you know someone who would love this idea?

-Fun Squared

The Best Food and Drink Gift Ideas

Another great way to show your teachers your appreciation and gratitude for all they did for the kids is by giving them some delicious food and drink gifts. Yum! They will love that you took time to remember them.

Free Teacher Gift Printable: If you give a Teacher a Cookie…

These are quick and easy to put together, you can pair them with the most delicious soft chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted and an ice cold glass of milk.

Speaking of an ice cold glass of milk, did you know that per 8-ounce serving, dairy milk is the top food source for three of the four nutrients (calcium, vitamin D and potassium) that are most likely missing from Americans – including kids’ – diets? Make sure you visit MilkLife.com for more milk-related content and tutorials!

-Bre Pea

Thanks a “Bundt”ch

Teacher gifts are one of our favorites to put together. We love to show our teachers that we truly appreciate what they do for our kids. This year we plan to show our appreciation with something sweet! One of our favorite treats + a cute tag  =  a happy teacher.


One Smart Cookie Teacher Appreciation Gift

Maybe you don’t enjoy baking or maybe you are not good at it or have the time. Why not make some “Cookies in a Jar” mixes for your favorite teachers and they can have fun dumping the ingredients together and make their own.

White Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Gift Idea with Free Printable

Cookies are one of the easiest homemade food gifts to give during the holidays, but want something even easier? Give this White Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

-Home Cooking Memories

A&W Root beer and Candy with free printable Awesome Tag

Super cute and easy these will be sure to hit the spot with your teacher.

Caramel Apple Teacher’s Gift

For about $5 each, you can create these delicious caramel apple bundles, a quick, easy, and inexpensive gift for your teachers.


A sweet miniature Bundt cake packaged in a fun box tied up with ribbon and a printable tag is a great option for a yummy treat teachers will love. This tasty teacher appreciation gift is perfect for teachers, coaches, principals and more. Scroll below to download these tags (for free!) and read all about how this idea comes together.
-Positively Splendid

Jackpot DIY Teacher’s Appreciation Gift

This DIY teacher appreciation gift is very easy to make! Since the tag says “I won the jackpot with you as my teacher” the theme for the treats you include ideally would be related to money. But this tag would be fun on a gift bag filled with anything, really.

-A Cultivated Nest

What gifts did you decide to make for your kids teachers? Did your kids help make them? Let me know in the comments what you did. Maybe you had some other ideas you’d like to share with everyone?

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