Today I witnessed a very entitled woman, she was very demeaning to a cashier at JoAnn Fabrics. There was a line, which is the usual during the noon hour and on a wet and rainy day. The cashier was checking out a lady with kids and conversing with the kids and lady. She was very courteous and paying close attention to the customer. As I stood in line, another lady came into the line behind me, and immediately began complaining and mumbling about how busy she is, how she was only there for one thing, how it was her lunch hour, why is there so many people here, why is there only one cashier? As she stood there complaining, and, in my opinion, whining acting like a child, she shouts out the cashier, “Can you get some help here?” To which the cashier, looking up notices the line and says, “Oh, I’m sorry I hadn’t noticed the line.” Well, of course not, she is paying attention to the customer she is helping at the moment. Which ! I admire. Unfortunately, the lady behind me didn’t appreciate that. Hmm… Really? “She didn’t notice”, she mocked. It was a couple of minutes longer, and she again asks to get some help up there. Continually whining about the waiting in line, how she was so busy, if she didn’t need that 1 thing she would have been gone. Another cashier comes up and begins helping. But, not to the grumpy customers satisfaction. “Why did it take her so long”, mind you it may have been 2 minutes, and it was time they did something. I turned and told her that same lady had just been at the cutting table where there was two employees working and a long line as well. And most likely they are short-handed as there are very few that want to do that kind of work anymore. Sadly! When I got to the cashier, she was pleasant and greeted me with a smile. I asked her how she was and she said, “Very good”, and she was going to have a blessed day no matter.

I have a lot of admiration for the women and men that work in retail and need to put a smile on their face even when a customer is grouching and complaining. Such bad examples we are setting for the next generation. Please remember when you are out shopping, or getting your coffee or food, be kind, remember the next generation is watching how we treat others. If we want fewer bullies in our school systems, let’s not be a bully while we go about our everyday life. Treat those women and men that are working retail sales as equals. You are not better than them. Nor should you have faster service than anyone else. Let’s show our next generation how to treat others.

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