We just don’t watch football. Never really cared who wins or loses. But, come to Super Bowl, for some reason we watch it. Well, mostly. LOL  Sometimes we record it and fast forward through it. I usually try to make the regular Super Bowl food, stuff I don’t usually make.


So, today I made my own version of Pigs in a Blanket, Cheesy Bites Pizza, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Honey BBQ Wings, Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken and Blueberry Dessert Pizza. All made from scratch, including the dough. I will be posting later the recipes and will give you a tutorial on how I made the Cheesy Bites Pizza especially.

The great thing is that making everything from scratch it tastes great and is so much less expensive than purchasing them already made, or even the pre-made dough. Just because you make your own dough you don’t have to take all day to the kitchen to make food for the evening.

Win or lose, we enjoy our family time and I enjoy making special food for my family for the Super Bowl.

Is there some special food you love to make for your family for the Super Bowl?



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Robin Pack -

You are making me very hungry!! lol

I don’t do the Super Bowl either…my hubby likes to watch it, but it isn’t like a major big deal with a party and all that. Glad to know we are not the only non football fans!!


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