11163758_10206144132625867_136543918913778426_n (1)We have been cutting our kids hair for years. I believe it started when Josiah and Jordan were about 3 and 4 years old. We called them our little bears because they would be buddies one second and squabbling another. Both of them wanted their hair buzzed. My husband was the first one to cut their hair. I remember arriving back at the barn after getting groceries and seeing my husband in the yard, with one of the boys in a chair getting their hair buzzed. I remember thinking, “what are you doing?” LOL

But, after talking with my husband and seeing how great the boys looked. I thought WOW, we have learned a great way to save some money. Since that time, about 17 years ago we have always cut our kids hair. Including the girls hair.

Over the years we have buzzed, cut, straightened, colored, highlighted, and permed our kids hair. Our boys have had blue hair, green hair, and red hair, they have had mohawks, half shaved head with long hair, a boy bun, layered hair, curly hair and straight hair.

Now, thanks to the internet cutting their hair are even easier. Our oldest has very long hair and wanted to get it layered, so Thank you Google, I did a few searches and found out how to do it. It turned out great. I even cut my own hair. Trimmed it and layered it. 🙂

So, give it a try. Be brave and save some money. Have you ever cut your hair or your kids hair? How did it turn out? Do you have any tips to share?

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