Not sure if any of you are like me but, I tend to run down so many bunny trails 🏃‍♀️or follow squirrels that I sometimes get lost along the way and don’t end up getting what I started done, until last minute when I find myself back where I started, but late. Then I hurriedly run around in circles trying to finish the project up. It’s kind of a joke in our family, Mom only has a couple days to finish up something. “Oh, she has lots of time”… 🤦Can any of you relate? I hope I’m not alone…

Have you ever watched the movie, “Up?” In the movie, an elderly man named Carl and a young boy scout, Russel are searching for their way back home, when they come across a dog named, Dugg who can speak to them in a human voice. As Dugg is explaining why he is able to speak to them, his head jumps to see a squirrel, there is a pause and then he continues his story. Well, similarly to Dugg, I tend to see those squirrels in the road, but I start following those squirrels and get off the task at hand.

new year, new blog changesHere are a few little tips that I have been using to help me stay on track. Hopefully, they might help you as well.

  • Make a detailed list.

Be specific, very specific. If you want to get things done you need to write them down and make your list. But, also schedule in some time just for you. Time to do some dreaming, something fun, or time to just sit and be.

  • Stick to your schedule.

Now that you have a schedule, you need to stick to it. Follow your list so that you are not backtracking and taking extra time between your tasks.

  • Find someone to help you stay accountable

We all veer off course from time to time. Find someone that will be your encouragement, and help you stay on track and stay focused on your list           and the end goal.

  • Forgive yourself

Even when we don’t scratch all of the things off from our list, we can still be proud of what we did cross off our list. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you work through staying focused and staying on task.

  • Keep score

Whether you have stayed on your schedule or if you have fallen a little off your plans. Create a little something you want to do at the end of the week and reward yourself. Then re-evaluate your list for next week and begin again. See where you have struggled and work on those areas next week.


At the end of 2018 came closer, I found myself thinking more and more about this blog, and the future of it, my family’s future, and what I have and mostly what I haven’t done in 2018. I’m going to be completely honest here, my focus has never been very clear for this blog. I have had random ideas jump in my head of ways I should take it and if you look at the blog, I think you can see all of those “squirrel trails”.

As 2019 is here, I have a vision, a strong vision, 💡(I believe God-given) of what this blog is supposed to be and what it’s ministry is to be. Yes, a ministry. I do not by any means consider myself one to lead anybody spiritually, but I do know a God that I believe directs my steps and ideas (just like He will direct yours). I have found it to be true time and time again. With His help, I am redesigning and redirecting this blog in the direction I feel He is leading me.

So, I am putting this out there to help me stay on His trail for this blog and to let you all know that coming in February there will be a new direction, design, and vision for this blog. I am so excited for the upcoming months as we work together in creating a community here. My hope and prayers are that you will find a home here and invite your friends and family to join you as we begin this adventure together.



What are some things that you would like to see in a blog? What are you needing in your life right now? What are your plans in 2019 that will make a difference in you and your family’s lives? Leave me a comment and let me know. 😍



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