Top 10 Valentine’s Day Activities You Need To Do Today

Valentine's Day Activities

Paper Valentines Penguin Craft

These adorable stand-up penguins are to celebrate love, friendship, and crafting! These freestanding little guys will waddle into your heart and are the perfect paper craft valentine for your special someone! So grab some construction paper and let’s get started! Hope you enjoy this Paper Valentine’s Penguin Craft! Red Ted Art

Valentine Pretzel Treats

Craving something a little salty, and a little sweet? These Valentine Pretzel Treats are your answer! The Frugal Girls

Valentine’s Sugar Paintings

For these Valentine’s sugar paintings you will need:

• Water
• Sugar
• Food Colouring
• Paper
• Paint pot
• Paintbrush
• Crayons

Quickest Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough decorations are always fun to design and decorate with but when you have little ones, the waiting game while the pieces dry in the oven is no fun at all. Emily Reviews

Valentine’s Day Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Valentine’s Day Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are easy and quick to make, dairy, gluten and grain-free and loaded with sunflower butter and heart candies! Primavera Kitchen

Crystal Heart Valentines Science Experiment

Growing crystals is actually pretty easy to do at home and makes a great science and chemistry experiment for kids. This Crystal hearts Valentine’s Science Experiment makes a great science craft and decoration to try with kids. We love holiday-themed science and STEM activities, and I think it really helps his love of science to come out! Little Bins Little Hands

How to Throw a Rockstar Valentine’s Day Class Party

It’s not easy running a class party–for any holiday–but with the right help and planning, any Room Parent (and his or her small army) can pull one off with ease!

Valentine’s Day class parties are no exception.  There’s no magic formula, but I’m a firm believer that this parenting gig is hard enough–and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Teach Mama

Valentine’s Owl Corner Bookmark Gift Idea for Kids

I am hoping that today’s Valentine’s Owl Corner Bookmark is just the thing for kids to make in the classroom and give to their best friends. And, oh we do love a PUN for Valentine’s Day. What a Hoot! Our Valentine’s Owl isn’t just a cute owl.. but we also list a set of puns that the children can use on the back of the DIY Valentine’s Gift Idea. Red Tart Art

Valentine Monster Alphabet and Sight Word Game

There are so many simple ways to turn learning about the alphabet into a fun game or engaging activity for kids. This week we made learning fun at home with this Valentine Monster Alphabet and Sight Words GameI Heart Crafty Things

Conversation Heart Photo Frame

Do you need a child-made Valentine’s Day activity? Look no further! This conversation heart photo frame is by far my new favorite way to use those candy hearts that we get around the holiday of love! This conversation heart photo frame is an easy activity for children to do, and it’s a keepsake at the same time. Preschool Inspirations

How many of the Top 10 Valentine’s Day Activities will you do with your kids this Valentine’s Day? They are all quick and easy to make and sure to fill your hearts with sweet memories years from now.

How will you spend this Valentine’s Day creating memories with your family? I hope you will share how you spent the day with us.

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