I am not one to get very anxious about things that are coming up. Whether it might be something I need to do, or something that will be happening. Until today…

Anxious, Uptight, Nervous, Scared, Fearful, Concern…

Pretty much all of those feelings are there today. I have spoken about my back issues before. Since December, I have been going through some Chiropractor treatments, twice a week. Thankfully it has helped my mid back and the curvature in my neck. Unfortunately, my lower back has not improved. I went into it not expecting it to help. But, I was hopeful that correcting the rest of my back would help to relieve my lower back. It was suggested to me that I get an MRI just to make sure there isn’t anything else that we don’t know about and it will give the Dr. more information about my back and disks.

Oh boy, all the questions they ask before you can schedule one. Have you ever had any surgeries? Do you have a pacemaker? High blood pressure? Do you have any metal in your body? Are you pregnant? Could you possibly be? Some of those questions really make you start thinking about your health.

I have a scheduled MRI for early tomorrow morning. As the time gets closer, I am getting more nervous and all of those feelings are welling up inside me. I have never got an MRI before. Thankfully it is an open one. I am very claustrophobic and I wasn’t sure that that a regular one was going to work for me. On top of that, I am unable to lay on my back for any amount of time. There is too much pain, but I am able to put my knees up and put a pillow under them. Praying that will be sufficient.

Have you ever went for an MRI? What was your experience like?

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