Today begins a new venture for me. A blog about my midlife adventures as a Mom, Wife, and Homekeeper. Yes, it might be a bit boring to some but to others they might just wish they were able to enjoy some of the same things that I enjoy.

But, some days I am not that fun Christian mom that I should be. Today, is one of those days…actually if I am being honest this last week has been some of those days. I am almost fearful to say this but I am tired…tired of noise…tired of making supper…tired of cleaning…tired of laundry…tired of dropping what I want to do, to do what the kids want me to do…tired of noise…tired of my thoughts being interrupted…tired of thinking about my weight…tired of smiling…tired of feeling useless…tired of being busy…tired of noise…tired of my feet constantly hurting…tired of saying everything is great…tired of crying…tired of not crying…tired of so many things….


I never used to feel like this. This last week has been the worst. Why? Maybe it’s hormones jumping up and down…maybe it’s not sleeping well and I am just “tired”. This is NOT my personality at all! I LOVE my family, and my life. Just sometimes, like this last week, I am just tired…. Maybe there are others out there that feel like this? What have you done to help you get over this hurtle in life? Or have you just succumb to what life is,tiring? Please tell me that there are some great words of wisdom out there to help us Midlife Moms get out of the tired feeling.

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